The Alt-Right Has No Place In Libertarianism


It has come to the point in the United States where I think libertarians need to accept something: the Alt-Right is not and will never be libertarians, and we need to stop pandering to them.

A libertarian’s cross over with the Alt-Right’s belief in free speech, free association and maybe one’s positions on borders is not enough to try to make them a part of the liberty movement because as was demonstrated in Charlottesville, they do not believe in freedom, but their own version of big government authoritarianism.

Protectionism and racial supremacy go against almost every facet of libertarianism. When men like Richard Spencer claim that America was made for the white man and is for the white man to take, or when prominent conservative “libertarians” use Jew and white nationalist phrases as an insult to those they disagree with or to “trigger” leftists, it’s time to face facts and realize that these people are not and will never be libertarians.

While those in the Alt-Right will claim to be victims of the hateful PC culture of the left, they fail to see that they also want the same type of censorship, but just when it applies to anything anti-nationalistic and pro-multiculturalism. Alex Nowratesh of the Cato Institute calls this “Patriotic Correctness” which he explains as “a full-throated, un-nuanced, uncompromising defense of American nationalism, history and cherry-picked ideals […].”

So, this is my plea to libertarians. Please, disassociate from the Alt-Right, not because we should team up with the left, or because we need to maintain an image for the public, but for the sake of principle. The fight for liberty means that we may need to cut ties, even with those who we may agree with on major issues. Sometimes, the enemy of my enemy does not actually have the same interests at heart and it’s time that libertarians reject the Alt-Right.

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  1. You are correct, these people are not aligned with libertarianism. They are amongst the worst type of statists and very dangerous as they are happy to see the state built up and strong, unlike the socialists who vainly hope the state will wither away


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