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WA Libertarian State Senate Candidate Advances to November Election

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Edit: The original article stated that Michelle Darnell beat a Republican in the primary, but she beat an independent.

Michelle Darnell, a Libertarian running for Washington’s District 48 Senate seat, received more votes than the Republican candidates allowing her to be one of the two candidates listed on the November ballot.

Washington utilizes a Top Two Primary system, which means that the top two candidates in the primary, regardless of party, advance to the general election. This system makes it increasingly difficult for third party candidates to get elected, so that Darnell has moved on to the general election is something for Libertarians to celebrate.

The State Senate candidate received 23.66% of the primary vote, over 7% more than the Independent candidate and under 40% away from the Democratic candidate, incumbent Patty Kuderer.

Decreasing car tab prices, reforming school funding, and accountability to voters are among the many pieces of Darnell’s platform.

With Darnell being the only candidate that believes in liberty and economic freedom, she could have a good chance at becoming an elected Libertarian.


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  1. Congratulations, Michelle. All that walking in the neighborhood-paid off. You received our votes. Stay on message-be you. You have the right approach. We will support your endeavor to get elected. We need and deserve you and your abilities in the ’48’.


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