Austin Petersen

“I Will Always Be Libertarian” Says Austin Petersen at St. Louis Event (Video)

img_0016Wednesday night, Austin Petersen hosted a Meet Austin Petersen event in St. Louis in an effort to meet those interested in supporting and learning about his campaign. The former Libertarian presidential candidate tried to talk to every person there and find out what they hoped to see out of his campaign.

Midway through the event, Petersen gave a speech explaining his views on “taking over the government to leave everyone alone” and promised “I will fight to get the gunman out of your business.”

The Republican Senate candidate also explained why he ran for President in 2016 despite his lack of experience. Rand Paul’s dropping out of the Republican primary and the appearance of a lack of interesting candidates in the LP primary were a main cause for his campaign.

The highlight of his speech can be summed up with one quote: “I will always be libertarian no matter the letter after my name and I will not run from that,” demonstrating that he will be a candidate of principle and upholding his beliefs.

Austin’s campaign needs to raise $1.5 million to be competitive and have a decent shot at getting the nomination. The campaign has already raised $100,000 since his announcement and Austin claims he will sing “1 million and a half live stream karaokes” to raise money “because freedom is worth fighting for.”

You can support Austin Petersen’s fight for freedom by donating to his campaign here.

Full speech can be found below:

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