Bill Weld More Libertarian Than Austin Petersen?


Following his announcement that he will be running for U.S. Senate in Missouri as a Republican, there has been both love and hate coming towards Austin Petersen. Some think he made a bold decision to run in the GOP as a way to further advance the cause of Liberty while some think he committed high treason to the party that gave him his name, the Libertarian Party.

Nicholas Sarwark, the Libertarian Party chairman, seems to be falling on the latter. In a Facebook post yesterday from his public page, Sarwark fired the first shots against Mr. Petersen.

First, Mr. Sarwark posted the following quote on his Facebook page:

Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 8.04.52 AM

Just a simple quote from the former Vice-Presidential candidate Bill Weld that some followers didn’t like. That led to the comment thread that ensued and then the response from Mr. Sarwark.

Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 8.01.02 AM

In one sweeping post, Sarwark has essentially claimed that Weld is the real Libertarian where Petersen is a sell out.

Does this make Weld more Libertarian than Petersen philosophically? What do you all think?

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  1. No surprise the LP is still trying to eat itself. What’s more important, the message, or the vehicle?


  2. I have no doubt that William Weld gave permission for his name to be connected to that quote. Anybody got a date and a location for when he said it? Anybody got it on video? Did William Weld say it more than once?

    I’ll counter that with a quote that I wouldn’t have to work hard to get a video clip of that Austin Petersen has uttered…
    “I believe in a world where gay married couples can defend their marijuana fields with fully automatic machine guns”

    Here’s the audio.. it took me less than 5 minutes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=io_nza3DMIw

    Anybody care to do the same for William Weld? Bueller?? Bueller???


  3. Neither of them are libertarian. And being part of a political party called the “Libertarian Party”, it should be easy to point out, does not automatically make you a libertarian to begin with.


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