An Open Letter To My Republican Friends: Dump Trump!


The American Presidency is a unique institution that has allowed many men with great talents to come into power and shape the course of history in this country. Whether you agree with the role the President plays in our system there is a sense of responsibility that comes with this high office that is built on character and integrity and above all respect.

As many of you know I was an active Republican for many years before finally joining the Libertarian Party. I had always been a Libertarian and fought for many years the conservative elite of the GOP. Therefore, I have many friends still involved in GOP politics that fight everyday for their cause. They are respectable individuals that I hold in high regard.

I officially resigned from the GOP last year because of this man. I had hope that Libertarianism would catch on in the Republican Party, but that hope was lost with Trump.

I am calling on my old GOP friends to finally see that they made a huge mistake in letting Donald Trump hijack their party and tarnish the reputation of the American Presidency.  Trump is a disgrace to the office he sits in and to the American people.

Trump has stained our image around the world and other countries are laughing at us. I know that some will say this is a good thing, but we just went from the leading superpower around the world that dictated world decisions to being the late night comedy routine to our allies.

Trump’s Twitter obsession is out of control! Yes, I am one that loves Twitter, but the President is using it like the National Enquirer. It is embarrassing! The most recent attack on Joe Scarborough and Mika Brezenski probably takes it too far. He claims to not watch the show, but takes the time out in a Presidential morning to send a nasty tweet about their show. How is that Presidential? No, the answer is not that he doesn’t like being attacked and when attacked he will fire back. Just ignore them! Focus on the real issues, not what is being said on cable news every morning.

I am embarrassed for my Republican friends. This is exactly why I left the party and joined the only principled party in this country. You can’t claim to be faithful to a party when the person you put in charge of it is throwing it down the drain. Members of Congress in the GOP are plotting around the sitting President and stalling him at every turn because they don’t trust his judgement. The time for defending this man is over! Protect yourselves and your party!

To quote from my resignation of the GOP “I actually have hope and faith in people from all walks of life, where Trump sees that as a threat to his power and fame.  America is the shining city on a hill, and with Trump leading the barrage of filth and hate, we are becoming a waste land.”

My dear Republican friends. Don’t let this nonsense go on any longer. Speak out against this man and his actions. Stop defending him with talking points and speak from the heart. I can guarantee that most of you behind closed doors can’t stand this man, but when you come out from behind that door you defend him because that is the party thing to do. Stop with the party loyalty and start caring about the future of your country.

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  1. I am a long time Libertarian from Arizona. I don’t think Donald Trump is either super dumb nor super smart. I do know that when the world is talking about Mika Brezenski it sure ain’t talking about #TrumpRussia.

    I do believe Trump is closer to being super smart than the folks that think he made a bad mistake bringing up Mika Brezenski’s face lift. Uh huh.

    “Dr. Jerome Corsi: You Can’t Defeat Disinformation With Facts”


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