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Libertarian Party of Tennessee Releases Resolution Condemning Arrests of Libertarian Party of Cuba Officers


June 22, 2017, the Founder, President, and Vice President of the Cuban LP were arrested and detained for simply opening a library. As defenders of Liberty, the Libertarian Party of Tennessee has resolved to defend all Liberty, both at home and abroad.

The Cuban LP dilemma won’t disappear without an organized fight. We can all come together, united on their behalf. For them, we must. This is what we can do here and now with our national organization.

These are the bravest of us sitting in Communist Prison, beaten in a Cuban gulag, hoping for and having faith in their Libertarian brothers and sisters.

The following is our resolution to answer their faith.

In Fruition of a United Liberty Diaspora for Our Cuban Brothers and Sisters:

A Resolution to Inspire a Libertarian Coalition to Foist Awareness that Inspires Action in

Defense of the Cuban Libertarian Founder, President, and Vice President, all of whom have been

Arrested and Detained by the Castro Dictatorship.

INDEED, Cuban Libertarian activists have been arrested, detained, robbed, and beaten by Cuban government agents;

INDEED, After and in courageous response to abuses of Libertarian activists by the Castro dictatorship, the Partido Libertario Cubano-Jose Martin (Cuban LP), was launched;

INDEED, Partido Libertario Cubano-Jose Martin finds its genesis in the reverence of an unrealized but envisioned Liberty, with Libertarian literature as its muse;

INDEED, The antidote to despotism is advocating for the unlawful, often despising the lawful, distinguishing between morality and legality;

INDEED, Nelson Luis Rodriguez Chartrand, Caridad Ramirez Utria, and Heriberto Pons Ruiz have all been arrested and detained by the totalitarian Castro regime with Liberation Philosophy being detainment’s cause;

INDEED, Oppressive monoliths of dynastic partisans are noxious to communities and associations predicated upon personal freedom;

INDEED, Nelson, Caridad, and Heriberto are the tip of the spear in one such rare and courageous association in the belly of Castro’s own gulag archipelago;

Let it be concretely and repeatedly resolved that the Libertarian Party of Tennessee is compelled to inspire a coalition with any and all individual Libertarians, any and all county, state, or national Libertarian parties, in the interest of gaining the imaginations, compassions, and enthusiasms of our Liberty Diaspora on behalf of these Cuban Thomas Paines.

In the Ambition of Liberty,

The Libertarian Party of Tennessee, USA

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