Libertarian Party

Cuban Libertarian Updates: Moving Cities & Instituto Mises Cubano Copyright Scandal

LP Cuba

After much harassment and unrighteous arrests from the state, the Libertarian Party of Cuba has relocated to an undisclosed location to start a new library dedicated to spreading the values of freedom.

The party released a statement yesterday saying that “[…]  we are all very enthusiastic to be part of the pollination process of the seed of freedom. You can expect pictures by the end of the week. Thank you all for your support!”

Also, the Instituto Mises Cubano, the organization that has been collecting donations for and assisting in communications with the Cuban party, has to change its name immediately due to a “Florida exile” registering their organization as a United States Corporation.

This comes as quite a blow for the organization and Cuban Libertarians, as now U.S. supporters cannot legally donate to them. “[…] we officially relinquish the Mises Cuba name and brand to its copyright holder. To be clear, no Cubans here on the island are participants in the Florida entity. Mises Cuba is now exclusively a US corporation in which we have no part,” stated the Institute on social media.

You can support the Libertarian Party of Cuba by liking their Facebook page, and liking the Instituto Mises Cuba Facebook page. Do not send any more donations to the Mises Cuba address until the organization has changed their name.

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