Concealed Carry Should Be Allowed in Washington D.C.

Following the attack on a member of Congress this week there have been many questions raised about the use of firearms and in particular in our nations capital. 

Rep. Thomas Massie wants to change the way that firearms are used in D.C.

On Thursday, as a response to the tragic shooting of Republican Rep. Steve Scalise and four others, Rep. Thomas Massie called for carry-conceal to be allowed in Washington, DC.
“Today, Congressman Thomas Massie, Chairman of the Congressional Second Amendment Caucus, introduced H.R 2909, the D.C Personal Protection Reciprocity Act,” read a Massie press release. “This legislation would allow individuals with a valid concealed carry permit issued from their home state to carry their firearms in the District of Columbia.”
Washington, D.C. has long had strict gun control laws and does not currently allow carry-conceal. Though the shooting occurred in Alexandria, Va., Massie noted in his release that the members and their staffs traveled from Capitol Hill for the baseball practice and back to D.C. afterward.

The fundamental aspect of defending yourself is an age old concept. Defense is key to keeping your liberty. Imagine if the members of Congress that were present on that baseball field in Alexandria had access to their firearms. There wouldn’t have been as many shots fired by the gunman and he could have been taken down sooner. Yes, there were armed police officers there, but they were on the other side of the ball field. 

Washington is a tough town both politically and criminally. The ability to defend ones self is key to a prosperous society. 

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