Breaking: CO Governor Signs Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Bill Into Law

Colorado governor John Hickenlooper grants Nathan Dunlap a temporary reprieve

Despite opposition by many lawmakers in Colorado, the governor of our great state took a step forward today by protecting the private property of our citizens.

From The Denver Post:

Gov. John Hickenlooper on Friday will sign into law a controversial bill seeking to change how officers and sheriff’s deputies seize money and property, against the urging of the Colorado law enforcement community and local government groups who say it could hamper crime fighting efforts.

The Democrat’s decision came within about an hour of his deadline to sign or veto measures passed during the legislative session. It was announced by the state Senate GOP and state Senate Democrats.

Hickenlooper has been facing increasing pressure in recent weeks over the legislation, House Bill 1313. His spokeswoman, Jacque Montgomery, said Hickenlooper was still trying to decide  Thursday night whether to reject the measure.

Opponents, including sheriffs and police chiefs, say the bill would mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost funds for crime-fighting. Other groups against the legislation included the Colorado Municipal League and Colorado Counties Inc.

Those supporting the legislation, from the ACLU of Colorado to ProgressNow, say it provides greater due-process protections to Coloradans and would add accountability to the controversial practice.

Government force is overbearing. The ability of the police and agents of our government to seize our property is out of control. Governor Hickenlooper deserves a ton of credit for signing this legislation into law.

Due process is now protected in Colorado!

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