An Open Letter to Libertarian State and County Parties


During the last weeks, several Libertarian state parties and county parties have criticized and challenged my phrasing regarding military members. You’ve argued that as a representative of the Libertarian Party, my choice of words, even if true, were strategically problematic. Some of you have passed resolutions calling for my dismissal or resignation.

I think that’s good. It’s healthy for people to be critical of their leaders, to demand that their representatives do their jobs as well as possible. When your representatives do something with which you disagree, you should say something.

In response, I’ve worked on my own messaging and supported an LNC resolution reminding veterans that their knowledge of the damage that the military does is very valuable to the movement.

But the fact is, to most of the world, the Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party is not your representative. The people representing you right now are the President and Congress. Their military policy, to the rest of the world, has your tacit endorsement.

Unless you speak out. Unless you hold them to at least the same standards that you hold your own party leaders. Unless you boldly, clearly, and formally reject that policy.

Many of you have said that we should be criticizing military policy, not those manipulated into carrying it out. I’m asking you to put those words in writing, to sign your names to let the world know we do not stand with the current military policy. I am asking you to sponsor resolutions calling to bring the troops home, shut down foreign military bases, leave NATO, cease interference in foreign civil wars, end trade sanctions, and use the military for defense only.

I will do the same. In a few minutes, I will be proposing the following resolution to the Libertarian National Committee:

Whereas The U.S. spends more on military than the next 8 nations combined

Whereas, involvement in NATO has caused the U.S. to build a military much larger than what is needed for defense

Whereas, current military policy has destabilized regions and lead to blowback and contributed to terrorist recruitment

Whereas, trade has been able to stop problematic ideologies when violence could not, as has happened in Vietnam

Whereas current military policy has misused many well meaning individuals for purposes other than defense against aggression often as parts of attempts to act as the world’s policeman

Resolved, The Libertarian National Committee rejects and repudiates the current U.S. military policy of overreach, world policing, and nation building; demands that the U.S. military immediately shut down all foreign military bases, cease involvement in foreign conflicts, end all current foreign military operations, and bring the troops home; demands that military spending and employment, if any, be reduced to the level necessary only for defense; demands immediate U.S. withdrawal from NATO; and demands an end to all trade sanctions.

In Liberty,

Arvin Vohra
Vice Chair
Libertarian Party

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