How Libertarians Can Help Veterans

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Recent statements by Libertarian Vice Chair, Arvin Vohra, has prompted much discussion on what is the libertarian position on the military. While many libertarians may passionately believe that the military represents state overreach and the interventionist policies that have destabilized the middle east, there are also those that feel we should still honor those who risked their lives under the impression that they were protecting our freedoms.

This author takes the latter approach, as taking our military personnel in such a collectivist light goes against the rugged individualism that I and many libertarians hold so dear. Vohra even noted in his response that is was not fair to call all of the military murderers, as there are many jobs within the military that do not involve killing.

There are many issues that come with being a member of the military that libertarians should fight to eliminate while the current structure of it still exists, so here are some ways through voluntary means that libertarians could help our veterans.



1 a a22

Save22 is an organization with the mission of spreading awareness of veteran suicide rates and creating programs to help veterans. Their name comes from the fact that 22 veterans take their lives each day. They provide bed rolls, and warm clothing to homeless veterans in addition to constructing micro-communities where veterans can grow crops and become healthier. You can donate to Save22 here.


Three Rangers

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For those who do not necessarily want to donate and would like to receive a good for their money, Three Rangers would be a good option. Started by disabled veteran, John Collett, with the mission to “Craft premium spirits that demonstrate the warriors’ ethos to deliver growth for our most important stakeholder; Three Rangers Foundation. Proceeds from Three Rangers purchases go directly to support Three Rangers Foundation; a nonprofit devoted to empowering all veterans to achieve lifelong success.” I have sampled their whiskey and enjoyed its bold and unique flavor.


United for Peace & Justice

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Many libertarians feel that the best way to help veterans is to stop creating them by ending wars. United for Peace and Justice was formed in 2002 as a coalition to stop the Iraq war. “Together we are working to end war and oppression, shift resources toward human needs, protect the environment and promote sustainable alternatives. Our long-term goal is to grow a culture of justice, peace, equality, cooperation and respect,” states the organization. Donations can be sent here, but libertarians can also become members or volunteers for any of the organizations that partner with United for Peace & Justice to help stop wars.

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