FCC Votes To Begin Process of Repealing Net Neutrality


In late April, Ajit Pai, the new Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, announced that he would hold a vote to repeal the Obama administration regulations controlling the ability of internet service providers to charge different rates and give more or less speed to certain websites.

As of Thursday, the FCC voted 2-1, to begin the process of reviewing and repealing the rules of net neutrality. Pai stated that he wanted to “return to the Clinton-era light-touch framework” and that “The Internet was not broken in 2015”.

The repeal has brought much resistance in the last couple of weeks with John Oliver doing a segment on Last Week Tonight on net neutrality where he created a website (titled to help citizens give their feedback. The amount of traffic from Oliver’s link ended up crashing the FCC website.

Protestors were also stationed outside the FCC headquarters as this decision was made. Migdon Clyburn, the sole dissenting vote of the repeal, stated that “While the majority engages in flowery rhetoric about light-touch regulation and so on, the endgame appears to be no-touch regulation and a wholescale destruction of the FCC’s public interest authority in the 21st century.”

The FCC will allow the public to offer comments on the repeal until Mid-August. This repeal would be a tremendous victory for libertarians, and any feedback in support would greatly advance liberty. To voice your support for the repeal, click here.

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