Breaking News: Constitution Party Fires Shot at Libertarian Party 

By Robert J. Bentley

The Libertarian Party has gotten themselves into some controversy over the past few days with the posting of memes that included quotes from the satanic temple. As part of their Free to Believe series they have been highlighting quotes about Liberty from all religions or beliefs.

Now the Constitution Party is taking a shot at the LP for these posts:

Yes, the timing was probably bad for these posts and they were taken down right away. However, that doesn’t stop the principle that all belief systems promote the concepts of a free society and liberty.

The Constitution Party’s concept of a Theocratic Society is not something many Libertarians will be jumping over to any time soon.

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  1. This was one volunteer among a host of volunteers on the social media team, the post has been removed, but hey way to seize any opportunity to promote a religion in the government platform as long as it’s yours. I’m both Christian and Libertarian. Your party isn’t even active in my state, but keep pretending your relevant.


  2. And don’t be misrepresenting the other party either. The CP does not seek a “theocratic society,” but a moral one, since freedom only works for moral people.


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