Should Austin Petersen Run for U.S. Senate in Missouri? Sign the Petition if You Think So!


Austin Petersen ran a great campaign for President in the Libertarian Party during the 2016 election. He was able to amass an army of freedom ninja warriors across this country that yearn for freedom and liberty. These followers are loyal and ready for a fight and that opportunity might be presenting itself.

Austin Petersen if floating around the idea of running for U.S. Senate in the great State of Missouri. A Petition is out there asking for signatures to convince Petersen that he should make this run for the people of Missouri and the country as a whole.

With the coming 2018 U.S. Senate race approaching, we believe that Austin Petersen should challenge the incumbent, Senator Claire McCaskill, for her seat.

Senator McCaskill, who is widely unpopular in Missouri, is ripe for challenge by a freedom-loving candidate with the innate beliefs that individual liberty and economic freedom should drive public policy. Austin Petersen embodies this philosophy.

Please sign the petition to let Austin know that you believe he should run for U.S. Senate!

Here at The Libertarian Vindicator, we encourage Mr. Petersen to run for the United States Senate. We have already written about this before as well and believe he needs to run as a Libertarian with the possibility of making history by being elected to the Senate as  Libertarian.

Make sure you sign this petition so that Austin knows that he needs to run for this position and make an impact on our country.

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  1. I have believe that running as Libertarian is the way to go. Petersen would make the race meaningful and entertaining. I encourage him to run.

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  2. Run as a Libertarian? He isn’t here to make a race ‘entertaining’ or anything of the sorts, but rather to legitimately win and unseat Claire McCaskill. He can’t do that as a Libertarian, so let’s not kid ourselves.


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