Rand Paul Introduces Bill That Would Stop Warrantless Phone Searches at the Border


As the leading privacy advocate in the United States Government, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) along with Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) introduced legislation to stop the warrantless searches of American citizens phones at the border.

According to Rare:

The Protecting Data at the Border Act would make it illegal for border or law enforcement officials to search or seize U.S. citizens data via their phones or other devices without probable cause. Border or state agents opening phones to flip through pictures or other information as part of a “manual search” would also be covered in this new legislation.

Privacy is becoming a big issue in the United States as technology has advanced and for the fact that most Americans keep their entire lives on their mobile devices. The 4th Amendment protections against unwarranted searches and seizures are taking different forms as we progress as a society.

“Americans’ Constitutional rights shouldn’t disappear at the border,” Senator Ron Wyden told BuzzFeed News. “By requiring a warrant to search Americans’ devices and prohibiting unreasonable delay, this bill makes sure that border agents are focused on criminals and terrorists instead of wasting their time thumbing through innocent Americans’ personal photos and other data.”

The freedom to travel is a fundamental principle of a free society. The restriction of that travel trough searches of property hinders our liberty at every turn.

Kudos to these two Senators for standing up for the American citizen and our rights under the Constitution.

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