Anarcho-Capitalist Band Debuts In Top Charts

BackWordz 2

By Luke Henderson

BackWordz, the libertarian metal meets hip-hop group fronted by Eric July, co-founder of Being Libertarian, has broken into Top Albums Charts with their debut album “Veracity”. The album is currently in the Top 50 for rock albums and in the Top 10 for metal albums on iTunes and the Top 5 of Amazon’s best sellers for Hard Rock & Metal. This is great news for libertarians everywhere and hopefully the beginning of bringing more people to the philosophy through pop culture.

In true capitalist form, the band decided to partner with Stay Sick Records (started by Attila frontman Fronz) to record the album, instead of signing a standard record deal. July said in an interview with Alternative Press “…we treat BackWordz as if it’s a business and a brand. The guys involved with Stay Sick respected our direction and grind. So, we worked together to come up with a way to team up, rather than signing a standard deal.”

A reflection on their 2 years of hard work, the album is fantastic, and an example of how two groups of people can create a mutually beneficial venture while maintaining their independence. Fronz, who does guest vocals on “Self-Ownership”, stated in the same interview “It’s rare to find bands as unique as BackWordz, so I knew they would make a great fit on Stay Sick Recordings.” Maintaining rights to the publishing and identity are of essential importance to BackWordz.

Metal Injection describes the sound of the band as a part of the nu-djent movement or street metal, but July rejects labels, going so far to say in the opening track, “Pop It Off”, “Nu-Metal, rapcore, we are none of that so stop acting stupid. I got an idea: shut the hell up, sit back, and enjoy the music.” The best description of BackWordz would be a culmination of July’s career as a rapper called YG Rippa, fronting for rapcore group Fire from the Gods, and his furious passion for everything that takes down the state.

BackWordz just finished up their tour with Like Moths to the Flame and Sworn In with future tour dates to hopefully be announced as the album continues its rise

Check out their single “Self-Ownership” below

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