Libertarian Party Masterfully Trolls Donald Trump On Starting WWIII Over Twitter

It has always been apparent that Donald Trump has a Twitter addiction. So much that he constantly sends out tweets in the early morning or night that generally causes a stir among media pundits and ordinary Americans.  The President is known for controversy over his tweets and his most recent one is a prime example of no restraint by the commander in chief.


The current President has called out North Korea and China in a tweet that could have foreign policy ramifications for years. Without regard to stability in a region that is on the verge of being volatile, our President has stirred the pot.

Luckily, the Libertarian Party has trolled our President masterfully in response to this off the cuff tweet.

This country faces a threat. That threat doesn’t necessarily come from foreign hostiles, bur rather it comes from a commander in chief that has no ability to restrain himself from opening his mouth. We are still in this position where we need to stick our noses in the business of the world and at the same time making situations worse than they already are.

Now we have a President who picks up his smartphone and sends out ill-advised tweets that could potentially start World War 3. He is sticking his nose in places that he probably knows nothing about and is putting the world on the brink of a catastrophic collision.

We have one simple message for our President. Shut the hell up!

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