The Fate of Libertarianism in The Era of Donald Trump



“The person who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The person who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever seen before.”-Albert Einstein

Today is day 50 of the Donald Trump Presidency and already it has been a whirlwind of activity and craziness that has plagued our news outlets.  Daily we see stories of Russian interference, border walls, health care, mean tweets, etc. Our news cycles have been overrun with Trump stories and questions about the future under a Donald Trump Presidency. How long will it last? Will he win reelection?

But what about the fate of the Liberty movement in the era of Donald Trump?  Despite what some might think Trump is one of the biggest threats to Liberty and Freedom in recent time. His caviler style gives him the ability to shoot off the cuff and not think about the situations that are arising around the country. He is poising himself to oversee the biggest expansion of government power in our history and conservatives in his own party are ignoring that fact.

Does this mean that Libertarianism is dead or about to see the end? The answer is no!

The time is prime for Libertarianism to see its biggest expansion and rise to power ever in the history of this country. Despite Trump winning the Presidency we saw the largest ever draw to the Libertarian Party in its history. Every day more people are identifying themselves as Libertarian and every day more people are discovering the beautiful benefits that derive from its philosophy.  Yes, it is a slow process that will take time, but with Donald Trump running this country the process will speed up a greater deal.

Yes, it is a slow process that will take time, but with Donald Trump running this country the process will speed up. Trump is alienating people left and right and many in his party are throwing their opposition right at him, thus causing him to become the egotistical maniac that he really is beyond the surface.

Liberty is something we all say is important and something we need on a daily basis. However, most don’t really know what that means. They don’t see that Liberty means absolute freedom.  They don’t understand that government should not be in the business of restricting the rights of people in this country.  They don’t see it because they are not educated enough.

Our job now in the era of Trump is to shed light on the darkest parts of our country and bring out people’s sense of love and respect for freedom. Trump doesn’t understand the concept of rights and freedom. He only sees this country as a business and will do everything he can to “make money” off the United States. People who are blindly following him and buying into his agenda are being brainwashed by this celebrity. It takes us, the freedom ninja army, to shine the spotlight on every move he makes and this government makes in order to educate the masses on Libertarianism.


Is this a daunting task? Yes! However, there are enough of us that work our asses off in the 2016 election to push the Libertarian Party to its best showing and that means we have the wind at our backs.  Libertarianism is here to stay and will become a household name.

One by one we can change this country!

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