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The Obama Legacy: $20 Trillion Worth of Burdensome Debt


As President Obama enters his final week in office many are looking at his legacy as President of the United States. While many will play up the accomplishments of his term in office the biggest outlier will go missing in the analysis of his 8 years in office.

In 2008, when President Obama took office the national debt of the United States was $9 Trillion.


8 years later the legacy of the Obama Administration has been cemented in the doubling of the National Debt to almost $20 Trillion.


The pundits fail to miss this key component of the Obama Presidency and ignore the fact that the United States is not in good economic health like many try to proclaim.

The National Debt is a key figure in the economic prosperity of a nation and within 8 years as President, Obama has doubled the financial burden of this country.

There is nothing to suggest that the incoming administration will do anything different to fix this problem since Congress is currently pushing through a budget that is not balanced and will continue to add money to the deficit and debt of this nation. It is time for real leadership to tackle this dire situation and currently the only person making a plea in Washington for a fix is Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky.

The history books will be written and it is our duty to make sure that this key legacy component is included in the narrative of Obama. The doubling of the National Debt in 8 years as President will go down as historic and detrimental to the future security of this country.

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