All This Talk About Israel Has Me Thinking…Why Are We Dictating The Affairs Of Other Countries In The First Place?

The firestorm over the United Nations vote that condemned Israel from building more settlements has reached proportions that have never been seen. We have a sitting President and his administration pushing forward with the idea and an incoming President attacking the decision of the United Nations to “punish” Israel. 

The element missing from this debate centers around a principled idea that we continue to ignore year after year. Why are we dictating the affairs of other countries in the first place? 

The United States and the United Nations have a long history of sticking their noses into the affairs of other countries and most people ignore the consequences that come from this intervention. Yes, there are times that need the action of the United States and the United Nations are necessary, particularly if the affairs of that country are threatening the safety of the world. But in most cases the meddling of Nations affairs have lead to some of the biggest problems we face as a country. 

This all goes back to the argument that Ron Paul floated in the 2008 Presidential Election that got him booed and shot down by the establishment. An event like 9/11 happened because we had a history of causing undo problems in the Middle East. The consequences of that meddling have lead to the creation of radical groups like ISIS. The establishment has ignored this seintement for a long time and can’t come to grips with the idea that we cause more problems in the world then fix them. 

The Israel situation is no different. The U.S. and the U.N. have no business telling Israel how to operate as a country. The peace of the Middle East is not centered around this fight between Israelis and Palistinians, but rather the creation of radical Islamist groups that cut people’s heads off. 

We need to step back as a nation and let the events of other countries play out until those events come to fruition and threaten the security of the world. Neither Obama nor Trump should be getting involved in the affairs of another “free” nation and instead focus on the affairs of our own country. We spend too much time and resources trying to “fix” the world and we ignore the problems that we face here at home. 

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