Exxon Moblie CEO Tillerson Chosen for Secretary of State; Here Come the Wars for Oil


President Elect Donald Trump has made his pick for Secretary of State and already it has raised questions. Rex Tillerson, Exxon Moblie CEO, has many ties to foreign governments that might make him seem logical to Trump supporters, but hidden beneath is the possibility of bad foreign policy that will lead to more costly wars.

If we have not fought wars for oil in the past then we are definitely on our way. Putting the head of one of the world’s biggest oil companies in charge of foreign policy makes us question the motives.

Trump is already lining up big name endorsements for his State pick.

From the New York Times:

Robert M. Gates, who served as secretary of defense under President Obama and President George W. Bush, strongly endorsed Mr. Tillerson in a statement Tuesday morning, calling him “a global champion of the best values of our country” and saying he would bring “vast knowledge, experience and success in dealing with dozens of governments and leaders in every corner of the world.”

Others expected to strongly back Mr. Tillerson — and to reject concerns about Russia — are said to include former Vice President Dick Cheney and former Secretaries of State James A. Baker III and Condoleezza Rice, among others.

Every one of those names mentioned by the Times was members of George Bush’s team that got us into the Iraq War and gave credence to the idea that we were fighting wars for oil.

With Trump putting Tillerson in charge of American foreign policy what is there to stop him from strong-arming countries that are rich in oil in order to make his company more profitable. Like Trump, Tillerson is a billionaire businessman that will most likely not separate ties to his company and while serving this country profit from a possible situation that might arise.

During the campaign, Trump had a hawkish tone on foreign policy. Not necessarily like the war hawks of Bush but still holding the possibility of attacking countries that he sees as a threat.

Be ready for more intervention into the affairs of other countries and be ready for more wars, but this time centered around oil profit.


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  1. You may need to revise your tone. The US would have no need for going to war to obtain oil. We posses oil formations containing amounts of oil that outstrip all that the Saudis hold. The decision to be made is whether or not we do want to be self reliant in terms of oil production and availability.


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