The Election of Donald Trump Reaffirms My Decision to Leave the Republican Party


I started this blog back in February as it was becoming clear that Donald Trump was on his way to winning the Republican nomination. In that time I spoke of my displeasure with the tone of Trump and his hijacking of a once great political party. I had always been a Libertarian and made it official to join the 3rd largest party in the United States.

Privately, I made a decision to re-join the GOP following this election as long as Donald Trump lost the election. I felt that I could fix the inside of the party that I once lead in the destruction that Trump had caused. I also said privately that if Trump won this election that would be 100% the end of it for me with the GOP. Now that Trump has done the impossible and  taken over the Republican Party my decision to leave has been reaffirmed.

Despite the appeal that Donald Trump has with many people in this country it is quite clear that the GOP has been taken down a new path that condones the bigoted, racist, sexist rhetoric of old age thinking. They are now in a position to be the anti-liberty party and I can’t associate with that thinking.

The Libertarian Party is 100% my home. I will continue this fight for a free and voluntary society that is not bullied into tyranny like we will get from Donald Trump.

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