The Rise of the Libertarian is Now Underway


As we sit here and watch the election results roll in, the question becomes what next? It appears that Donald Trump is on the verge of winning the Presidency and many people are scared for the future of this country. I would argue that they should be scared no matter who wins because they both would be detrimental to our future.

However, there is a new movement on the way and it starts tonight. The rise of the Libertarian is beginning and will continue beyond tonight. Already, Gary Johnson has surpassed his 2012 totals and is continuing to rise as the night goes on.  It has been a historic night for the Libertarian Party and the Liberty movement.

The next 4 years will be an interesting moment for the Libertarian movement. With such high vote totals across the country, we are now primed to make waves in future elections. The millennial generation is wanting to attach to a movement and it appears right now that belongs to the Libertarian.

We will provide a deeper analysis tomorrow once we have a clear picture of what has happened with the election.

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