I Just Cast My Vote for Gary Johnson & Now I Have a Clean Conscience


Yesterday my mail ballot arrived at my house and like a little political science nerd I jump with joy because I can now exercise one of the most important rights that I have as a citizen, the right to vote. Something that we all take for granted and even some in this country fail to partake in, is one of the most cherished aspects of our free society.

I was also excited because I had the opportunity to vote for the only principled candidate running for President and when I bubbled in the oval next to his name I realized that my conscience was now clean of any moral degradation that I could have participated in.

I cast my vote for Gary Johnson and sent a message to this country that I will not be held hostage by the two-party system and I will not vote for the “lesser of two evils.” Too many elections we get backed into this corner and are forced through some type of pressure to give way to the notion that we have to vote Democrat or Republican.


The American people have a choice to make. They can no longer buy into the age-old argument that you have to vote for the lesser of two evils. As voters, we get trapped into this argument every election season as if we have to hold our nose and vote for somebody we really don’t believe in. The future of this country can no longer depend on ignorance, and as citizens of this great republic, we have to stand up and make our voices heard.

I am stood up and made my voice heard by saying I won’t be forced into voting for somebody I don’t believe in.

I stood by my conscience and voted for the candidate who will bring a sense of brightness to this country’s future.

Your conscience can be cleaned as well. Really think about your choices this year and understand the consequences of electing Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to be the President of the United States.

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  1. I’m only an onlooker, an Australian watching this contest from Sydney. I do have an American friend here and my son and his wife live in San Fran. They are all so strongly anti-Trump that they’re happy to see Clinton elected. Johnson is sidelined as a result. Whatever happens, though, he and Weld have been running a brave campaign and it’s just such a pity that the anti-Trump crowd failed to get behind them.

    There is still time for a miracle to happen. Let’s just wait and see.

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