The Libertarian Vindicator Podcast # 4-Gary Johnson Excluded From Final Debate

It has been awhile since we did a podcast, but here is the latest podcast from The Libertarian Vindicator.

In this episode Robert Bentley looks at the decision of the Commission on Presidential Debates to exclude Gary Johnson from the third and final debate of the 2016 election season.  The CPD, a “nonpartisan” organization has committed the most partisan act by shutting out the voice of millions of Americans that seek a new beginning in American politics.

Have a listen:

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  1. Thanks Robert Bentley, I think the Gary Johnson and William Weld Team should be interviewed by Fox Business and Fox News in hour long sit down discussions. You Tube has been my best look at The Libritarian Party. The need for middle ground option for America is great. Johnson/Weld are on all 50 State Ballots. The Independent Evian McMullen /? is on Utah at 20% and what other 10 State Ballots is he on? Jill Stine /? of the Green Party is on how many and which State Ballots? At this late stage, the two also running 3rd party (candidates or nominees) should put their full support and any money their people have behind the one Gary Johnson / William Weld Libritarian Party ticket for President and Vice President for the next 8 years! I listen to OASIS Radio a Christian network station in Tulsa, OK mainly a TV News junky. I Voted for John Kasich in the Primary. My prayer is that both Clinton and Trump withdraw for the good of the country. They both have to much litigation ahead of them. My Absentee Ballot will be ready to mail by this Friday. Thanks for reading, and please vote responsibly. Phyllis Cole

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