The Libertarian Party Is On The Verge Of Making History Thanks to Donald Trump


The Liberty movement has been trying to make its splash for some time in American politics.  Starting in 2008 there was the rise of Congressman Ron Paul who brought to life a new generation of Liberty loving Americans that wanted change in this country. That spread into the 2012 election with Paul once again.

The idea that we are free individuals and should not be subject to the power of the state was something ignored for some time, and with this revolution, there has been an enlightening among many people in this country.

With the 2016 Presidential election, we have seen an explosion of support for Liberty. The two most polarizing candidates in history have given way to the rise of the Libertarian Party. They are on the ballot in all 50 states this year. They are experiencing a surge in voter registration, and they have a candidate that is polling considerably high for a Presidential election.

With the revelation that Donald Trump is a sex crazed pervert the past two days, the Libertarian Party is now on the verge of making history. The Republican Party is in destruction mode as calls for their candidate to get out of the race are raining high among elected officials in the party and the question of who to support now.

The choice for them is quite simple. Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are both former Republican Governor’s that are running on the Libertarian ticket. If the Republican Party is committed to stopping Hillary Clinton from winning the White House then their only logical option is to throw their support behind the Libertarian ticket for President.

Even if they chose not to do this the road is now open for the Libertarian Party and the Liberty movement. Donald Trump has created a wide open path for the LP to perform at unprecedented levels and given way to the possible destruction of the Republican Party.

The biggest winner out of this whole mess is Liberty.

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