Republicans Have An Option; The Former Republican Governor of New Mexico Can Beat Hillary Clinton


Now that the campaign of Donald Trump is basically over and the Republican Party is rushing around trying to find a solution to the sex crazed candidate they pushed to the top here at The Libertarian Vindicator we have a solution.

There is a former Republican Governor running for President right now and they can throw their support to him so he can take on Hillary Clinton for the next month. His name is Gary Johnson and he is actually a pretty solid candidate with a history of reform and action in New Mexico.

We almost forgot to mention that his running mate is the former Republican Governor of Massachusetts Bill Weld. He lead his state to prosperity as well in the 90’s.

The GOP is at a pivotal moment in this race where Trump has vowed to stay in the race. There is nothing to say that the Republican Party has to continue supporting his failed candidacy. They can abandon a sinking ship and find the lifeboat that exists in the Libertarian Party.

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