No Vote Is A Wasted Vote; Don’t Let Ignorance Take Hold in November


The 2016 Presidential election has been like no other. We have seen the worst in people and in rare cases the best. The leading candidates for the Democrats and Republicans are dividing this country in ways that it has never experienced and there are a great many in this country that are turning away from this rash style of campaigning and looking elsewhere.

Every election cycle we hear the same old notion that voters need to pick from the lesser of two evils and hold their noses in the ballot box and pull the lever. Generally, this rests on the idea of picking the Republican or Democrat candidate and then you walk out feeling ashamed of yourself.

In 2016 there are millions of voters who are considering the possibility of voting for something different. Something they have never done in elections past, and still, they are being told that they are wasting their votes. Ignorant people all across this country still buy into the argument that a vote for one person is a vote for another. This narrative plays out in cities and states all across America and these type of people make the millions of Americans considering this option feel like they are giving away their country.

What if I told you that no vote is a wasted vote!

Voting is a fundamental right that we hold on to as citizens of a free nation. It is a symbol of our liberty and gives us the power to enact change as we see fit. When I fill out my ballot and circle, select, punch a box next to the name of the candidate that I feel is best for the job I am not somehow giving the election to another candidate on that list. When I make that selection I am telling everyone in this country and around the world that I am a free willed individual who is capable of making informed decisions for myself and family and that no one can box me into some political corner and force me to vote for the lesser of two evils.

Ignorant people are the ones that say you waste your vote if you don’t vote Republican or Democrat. They have been uneducated in our system and play up to people’s fears because they were taught to do that by the political establishment. They listen to the Fox News’, the MSNBCs’, the CNNs’, and any other major information outlets that force them to believe that we only have two political parties. They force them to believe that there is no other way for Americans and free people to think. They make you feel like you are being a traitor to your country by voting on principle and listening to your own conscience.

There is no such thing as a wasted vote. If you have friends that tell you on a daily basis that you are wasting your vote by supporting a certain candidate then they probably shouldn’t be your friends. At that point, they are trying to control your actions and are against the principle foundation of our country.

Be your own person and listen to that voice in your head that says I will no longer support the lesser of two evils and I will do what is best for my family and country.

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