The Biggest Loser of Last Night’s Presidential Debate Was America


The first Presidential debate took place last night between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. With a display of patheticness and bigotry, the American people saw a display between the two major party candidates that was filled with personal attacks and not actual substance on the issues.

The American people are the real losers from last night’s debate in part because they were denied the ability to see the issues and hear from the candidates that are running for President.

The American people missed the opportunity to hear from a third voice that would sound reasonable and sane. The Partisan Commission on Presidential Debates excluded the leading third voice from the debate last night at a moment when that voice was needed.

Gary Johnson has been held down by the political elite in this country because he failed to meet some arbitrary threshold invented by a commission that is filled with Republicans and Democrats. His contribution to the debate would have been legendary and would be filled with actual solutions to fix the problems that we face as a country.

What we heard last night were empty promises of job creation and protection with no real plan to achieve these two goals. The American people lost the ability to hear articulate positions clarified by the leading politicians in this country. It was a battering of personal attacks and meaningless nonsense that came off that debate stage.

The American people have a chance to hear a different voice if Gary Johnson can get into the next for final Presidential debate next month. It is imperative for people to push his name even if you aren’t going to support him so that America is presented with a clear alternative to the ugliness we saw on stage last night.

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