Gary Johnson & Bill Weld on 60 Minutes


Tonight the Libertarian ticket for President received some major media exposure with an appearance on 60 Minutes.

As the election draws closer there is an interest in a third option and Gary Johnson has proven to draw in millions of voters with his fiscally conservative and socially tolerant approach.

To watch the interview here:

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  1. 60 Minutes should also have The CONSTITUTION PARTY candidates, (Pres) DARRELL CASTLE & (VP) SCOTT BRADLEY; also GREEN PARTY candidates, JILL STEIN & her running mate. The AMERICAN VOTERS need to know that these candidates are running and what their political parties platforms are.

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    • Good job there’s a nice transfer window in January in the event that something happens (heaven forebid). Having said that, Gabby has gotten a lot better at holding up the ball/linking play recently so he could carry out that role.There is also an article on another website today which has linked us with Mame Biram Diouf, the former Man U forward, who is currently scoring a bundle for Hannover 96 in the Bu/oesliganEurdpa League – he looks like he could play either as one of the wing-forwards or in the Benteke role if needed.


    • Hei! Mitt navn er Linn & med et Ã¥pent sinn, sÃ¥ trykket jeg ivrig pÃ¥ linken din.Der var det masse utrolige ting, til & med litt bling!(Jeg mÃ¥ innrømme at jeg sÃ¥ meg nesten litt blind…)Men den jeg drømmer om & gjøre til miner en IsblÃ¥ KitchenAid kjøkkenmaskin…den er sÃ¥ fantastisk fin. <


  2. This was a joke of an interview, I’m saddened CBS network chose to stoop down in terms of providing the American people with an unbiased election process. From the photos that they used to depict the “standard” libertarian to the subjects that were discussed in the allotted time, it’s hard to call this an opportunity to get to know Johnson/Weld and more as a display of why you should stick to your two party candidates. Not to say Johnson/Weld are immune from answering difficult questions, but this mockery/bias was too evident and disappointing. I hope people can do their research into Johnson/Weld to find out more for themselves and make an educated decision, shame on CBS but what else would you expect from a corporation who is sucking off the tit of the two party system.


  3. I have to agree. The questions were personal rather than substantive. Not given much of an opportunity for them to point out the substance of their positions as leaders in DC. It’s obvious that CBS is making up for the bad press they’ve received re. Bush, so of course they’re going to go through this interview lightly and overly-cautious. Don’t want to piss off the establishment, now.


  4. No ma cuando vi que The Enemy en primer lugar dije wow! los 3 los pusimos en #1 y sin ponernos de acuerdose nota el fanatismo de alguien por Milburn ^_^ y Baamshbybles?? jeje pero fuera de eso excellent list!


  5. Lekre takbomber, skjønner godt hva han mener, gutten din:)Spiste faktisk jordbær vi også for ei uke siden, de var faktisk ikke så verst på smak:)Artig med din bloggeglade datter:)klem fra Trine:)p.s Du har ordrebekreftelse som er uhyre vanskelig å tolke, vet du det? d.s


  6. Sok ember azért iszik édes pezsgÅ‘t, mert nem ivott még finom szárazat, így a szárazat “nem szereti”. 2000-4000ft-os kategóriában már van sok kiváló száraz pezsgÅ‘.Grand(e) cuvee vagy a grand crue felirat általában ígéretes tartalmat jelez.


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