Was Gary Johnson’s Aleppo Gaffe a Calculated Move to Get His Name Recognition Up?

Last week the media went on a frenzy after the Libertarian candidate asked MSNBC anchors “What is Aleppo?” They deemed him unqualified to be President but this misstep doesn’t seem to have hurt him in the polls and among his supporters.

So, was the Aleppo gaffe actually a calculated move by Johnson to get his name recognition up? More people have Googled Gary Johnson, and more people are seeing another option this November.

This concept was discussed by Show Time as they were interviewing Governor Johnson for their Show “The Circus”

Could this have been the most brilliant thing that Gary Johnson has done all campaign season? Only time will tell.  If it wasn’t a calculated move then he just got really lucky and now more people know who he is then they did before.

USA Today ran a story about the Facebook traffic rising for Gary Johnson.

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