Gary Johnson’s Real Clear Politics Average At Highest Level in 2016 Election

Even as the media elites try to bring down the candidacy of Gary Johnson through their tactics both on camera and in the way they conduct their polling, the former Governor has reached a new high in the Real Clear Politics average of national polling.

With the addition of new polls, including the ABC/Washington Post poll (which is one of the big 5), the new average for Governor Johnson is now at a high of 9.3%.


It has been an uphill battle for the Johnson campaign as they try to break new thresholds in polling.  The two party duopoly has done everything they can to bring his poll numbers down through the way they conduct the poll or the way they ask the questions.

Right now it looks like Governor Johnson will not make it into the first debate based on recent poll numbers, but with his advertising blitz on t.v., it can be assumed that he will reach the numbers he needs to be invited to the other debates in October.

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  1. Really wish people would get a clue and stop voting for the republican and democratic parties! We are screwed until we purge the government of these buddies who continue to advance their power and financial positions while neglecting the rest of us! At the very least, I want accountability! Not blame on the interns, but accountability of the leaders that are supposed to be doing the job they make damn sure well they get paid for!


  2. Most people don’t realize that the CPD is jointly owned & operated by the Democrat & Republican parties. This has been since 1987 when they forced the non-partisan League of Women Voters out. At the time, the LWV said the political parties perpetrated a fraud on the American people and “the League had no intention of becoming an accessory to the hoodwinking of the American people.” Why are we not surprised that the presidential debates are exclusively for the “D+R Monopoly,” the same monopoly that has ruled Washington for nearly a century. They control the polls and the debates and alternatively rule over an increasingly corrupt federal government drowning in debt. When will we learn that we can’t solve a problem by applying more of the same problem?


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