Gary Johnson Is Officially On The Ballot In All Fifty States


The fight is now over for the Libertarian Party and Gary Johnson.  Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are not the only two candidates that will appear on all 50 state ballots. The Libertarian Party party has achieved something that no other third party has really ever been able to and that is ballot access across the entire country.

There are no other third party candidates that can claim this achievement in the 2016 election.  Only the Libertarian Party and Johnson will be on the ballot in every single state in this country. This allows the voters to witness another choice in November and proves the viability of the Libertarians and Johnson’s campaign for President.

The final state to push the Libertarian Party over the top was the state of Rhode Island. In gaining twice the number of signatures necessary to make the ballot the Libertarian Party is poised for a historic showing.  The popularity of Johnson and the Liberty message is gaining traction across this country and his strong showing will make it easier for the party in future ballot access.


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