Ignore the Gary Johnson Aleppo Gaff; Focus On Our Middle East Policy Instead

Yes, Gary Johnson had a lapse of judgment yesterday on MSNBC concerning the city of Aleppo. Yes, he has taken the heat from the media elites and other politicians scared of a third party stealing their power. However, why are we focused on one little misstep by a Presidential candidate and not focusing on our policy in the Middle East?

Gary Johnson is wondering the same thing. He appeared on Fox Business’ Kennedy last night and called out our government for missing the real problem in the Middle East which boils down to regime change.

Take a look at this great exchange between Johnson and Kennedy.

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  1. It was not a “lapse of judgment”…….it was an honest mistake. I had no idea what Aleppo was until now. Even those Americans who DID know, have no idea what our government’s current involvement is in Syria. Only the CURRENT President have that knowledge. Just like Gary Johnson, MANY of us believe we should NOT BE involved in the Syrian war. Sooooooo, when do you ask Hillary and Trump what THEY would do about Aleppo?….or Ogunquit?….or Kokadjo? Do I have your attention?


  2. Time Magazine had an online transcript of the interview, and you can see what a case of “yellow (or blue) journalism” it is. I’ve been circulating it to everybody who slammed Jerry yesterday, and when they look at it in context, it shows how it ends up helping the campaign more than hurting it.


  3. In the battle for POTUS a candidate’s ‘values’ nearly always trumps ‘knowledge.’ Johnson’s ‘values’ beat Clinton’s and Trump’s by a country mile.


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