CNN Is Rigging Their Polls In Favor Of The Two Party System

CNN released their brand new national election poll in conjunction with Opinion Research Corporation and the findings are a little startling.

First, it has Governor Gary Johnson down to 7% nationally which does not help his chance of making it into the debates since the CNN/ORC poll is one used by the Presidential debate commission.

Second, the reason he has dropped that far is CNN/ORC forgot to include a key demographic in their polling. One that would propel Johnson’s poll number higher. The 18-34 vote.


This is proof of a corrupt system that is trying its best to exclude a different voice from the national conversation.  In other polls conducted Johnson performs better than Trump and close to out doing Clinton with the 18-34 crowd.

It will take a monumental push to break the two party system and unfortunately Johnson might not be able to make the debate stage because of this calculated move by CNN/ORC 

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  1. The 18-34 year olds have the most to gain and loose in this election. They will reap the long term effects of bigger government for the rest of their lives. They need to hear that there is another, saner approach as advanced by Gary Johnson and William Weld.


  2. It looks like they are only polling people who are eligible to be president! Ummm we can vote too? Our voices matter too. George Washington didn’t want a two party system, but unfortunately people are stupid.


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