What the Electoral College Map Could Look Like With The New Washington Post Poll

This morning, The Washington Post released a poll of all 50 states they conducted with Survey Monkey. In this poll, it showed Governor Gary Johnson polling over 15% in 15 different states across the country. So we decided to put together another Electoral College map that shows Gary Johnson winning these states and what it would do to this election.


If Gary Johnson was able to pull off a win in these states no candidate would achieve an electoral college majority. Therefore the election would have to be decided by the House of Representatives and at that point, anything is possible for any of the three candidates.

Gary Johnson has the opportunity to turn this country upside down. The two party system is etched into the minds of most people, but this election has exposed the flaws in voting for the lesser of two evils every election.

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  1. About ready to stop following you guys. You’re completely and hopelessly mired in a cloud of fragrant dope smoke. Take off your best-case glasses. At most, Johnson wins NM and Trump steals Ohio, Florida, Iowa, Virginia and Nevada with Clinton taking the traditional blue states. If so: Clinton 268, Trump 265, Johnson 5.


    • If you don’t like “What if” then you don’t have any imagination. It is a simple analysis that sparks conversation. That is why the title of the post is “What it could look like.” We are not saying it will happen but just giving people the ability to imagine a world were a Libertarian could play this well, especially since they never have before.


      • There are SO many trolls on any thread I see regarding Johnson, I’m starting to wonder if there’s not a well financed campaign paying people to harass his supporters. There’s evidence that some of this has been going on in this cycle, not involving the Johnson/Weld campaign….


    • Even your “what if” keeps both Clinton and Trump from the magic 270 and sends the decision to the House of Representatives! That’s all we want. The Republican House is never going to give the presidency to Trump when they have the opportunity to give it to Johnson, a man with proven executive ability as a Republican governor for two terms in a Democratic state.

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    • That sends the vote to The House, which is the main point of the article. Don’t get distracted by graphics that paint am unrealistic rosy picture.
      By the way, “Yay! We’re kicking ass! ” whether it’s true or not is a hallmark of political campaigns. Having a couple decades of fundraising experience, I assure you that solicitations prognosticating doom and gloom only work for Alex Jones types. They’re the death knell of a political campaign…


  2. The Washington Post polls were very exciting to come true. As others have pointed out on Facebook, it’s becoming more and more likely that nobody could get to 270. Check out this book on what could happen after nobody gets to 270, and let’s work to make an even better version of the story come true!


  3. Love it. Makes one think. If anything it would get a lot more people interested in our process and our system, both of which have been beaten on by partisans for a long time, but which are really wonderfully designed and beautifully balanced.


  4. “At most, Johnson wins NM and Trump steals Ohio, Florida, Iowa, Virginia and Nevada with Clinton taking the traditional blue states. If so: Clinton 268, Trump 265, Johnson 5.”

    A candidate needs 270 electoral votes to win outright. You just illustrated that it’s more than possible, it’s very likely, that no one gets 270. Thank you

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  5. It is a little nutty to give Johnson Washington State, when the last poll taken there was Hillary(43), Trump(24), Johnson(7), Stein(4). Also Washington has voted Democrat every presidential election for the last 28 years.


  6. The 15% polling requirement is fundamentally flawed because 85% of Americans live in 26 states. The other 24 states can be virtually ignored. That is not how our Presidents are elected.

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  7. You do understand that this was a Survey Monkey poll, right? Not exactly “scientific” and it doesn’t accurately represent the voting electorate.

    Sadly, we are still a generation or two away.


  8. A lot could change if GJ gets into the debates.

    Speaking of which, the most significant thing the WP poll shows is that when Johnson is included in the poll, it diminishes Hillary’s lead over Trump significantly, and in almost every state.

    Taking the exact poll results at face value, in the “two way race” Clinton beats Trump 357 to 150.
    In the “for way race” it changes to 299 to 192.
    Based on that alone Trump supporters ought to be clamoring for Johnson to be included in every poll and every debate.

    But getting back to Johnson, it looks like he does have a slight chance… If he can get the election thrown into the House of Representatives. The key to that is keeping the race between Clinton and Trump neck and neck, and Johnson pulling out wins in Utah and New Mexico.

    To do that Trump has to wins almost all the toss up states…. but not too many. He’s got to thread the needle between keeping Hillary from 270 but at the same time keeping Trump from 270. That will happen if Trump takes OH, MS, GA, NC, TX, AZ, and CO (all states he is winning in a 4-way race), plus MI, WI, and NV. That would make the electoral vote count 262 Clinton, 265 Trump, 11 Johnson.


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