Gary Johnson Polling Above 15% in 15 Different States According to New Washington Post Poll


This morning The Washington Post and Survey Monkey released a poll of all 50 states across this country.  As the race is tightening among Clinton and Trump the big story is that Gary Johnson is playing very well in 15 states where he is polling above the 15% threshold.  His strongest state is 25% which is his home state of New Mexico. He is also polling at 23% in the state of Utah.

This is a critical time for the Libertarian nominee as he tries to gain entrance into the Presidential debates in a couple of weeks. The Presidential Debate Commission has set the arbitrary 15% threshold as a requirement to gain entrance.

It appears that the former Governor of New Mexico is gaining some traction among the American electorate, but now time will tell if he can make that 15% mark in time for the first debate at the end of this month.

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