Call to Action! Email The 5 Major Polling Firms & Ask That Gary Johnson Be Added To Their Top Line


The Presidential Debate Commission recently selected the five polls that they will use to determine eligibility for the fall debates. The problem that Gary Johnson has right now is the pollsters don’t include him in their first line of questioning, but rather include him as an afterthought.

The below information is from the Gary Johnson campaign on what you can do to convince the polling firms to take Gary Johnson seriously:

TAKE FIVE MINUTES TO CONTACT THE FIVE POLLING ORGANIZATIONS (email addresses or links listed below) TO ASK FOR GARY JOHNSON TO BE ADDED TO THEIR 1ST QUESTION.  By doing so, you will be adding to the momentum driving the JohnsonWeld ticket upwards in the polls.  

Currently most polls ask the question: “If you were to vote today, would you vote for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump or other?”

By encouraging the polling organizations to add Gary Johnson’s name; you will increase the number of times the respondents will answer with “Johnson”.  Also, you will be increasing the awareness of the JohnsonWeld ticket being a viable alternative to Clinton/Trump.

NO COST BUT ABOUT FIVE MINUTES OF YOUR TIME.  Suggest that Gary Johnson’s name be added to their pollers’ first question. 


ABC-Washington Post: Email:

CBS-New York Times: Email:

CBS hired survey firm SRSS Link:

CBS itself has a contact form at:


CBS NEWS (click here for General or select program below)

CNN-Opinion Research Corporation: Contact Page:

Fox News:

NBC-Wall Street Journal:

If you copy and paste your message you will save time.  Email them a message like:

Ladies and gentlemen,

Please add Governor Gary Johnson as a choice in the first question your pollers ask:

“Who would you choose today, Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson, Donald Trump or other?”

Thank you.

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  1. Please start polling Gary Johnson up there with Trump and Clinton. He deserves to be polled fairly. First question should be Trump, Clinton or Johnson. Thank you for your time.
    Mark Kilian

    P.S. I am an independent voter and this is the first time I have supported a 3rd party candidate and the first time I”ve contributed to a candidate.

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  2. Got ’em all. That was fun. I hope it was helpful. I didn’t include the second choice question, because there is no way I can give any support for either Trump or Clinton, so I didn’t want to ask others what I can not do.

    Looking forward to welcoming Gary Johnson to Des Moines tomorrow for his first stop in Iowa. I am also hearing his ads on the radio, AM and FM. I think his campaign can really catch fire. Organize, organize, organize,and get hot at the end! Go, Johnson, go!!

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  3. Done! I wrote: Hello,

    I am contacting you in regards to the completely bipartisan polling process performed by you, I

    assume a ‘non-bipartisan’ poll. Hilary Clinton, Gary Johnson, and Donald Trump will be on the ballot

    in all 50 states, as you are aware, and to be truly non-bipartisan they would need to be polled

    equally. Please add Governor Gary Johnson as a choice in the first question your pollers ask:

    “Who would you choose today, Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson, Donald Trump or other?”

    Thank you.


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