Gary Johnson Should Focus on the 3 States He Can Win; Ignore the Debate Stage

As we get closer to the Presidential election and the first Presidential debate later this month it is becoming clear that the two-party establishment is going to stop any third party inclusion onto the debate stage.

Gary Johnson has pinned his hopes on making the Presidential debates, but with the duopoly within our system of government, they are going to get their way and keep silent a voice of millions of people across this country because it threatens their power.

The Johnson campaign is probably at a crossroads now. Even though they are raising millions of dollars for this election they are now pitted against a beast that will do anything to keeps its power.

The polling has been biased from day one, and it will not allow Johnson to reach the arbitrary threshold set by the Presidential Debate Commission.  Therefore a new strategy needs to be put into place.  One that will allow the former Governor of New Mexico to put a dent into the two-party duopoly.

Johnson needs to turn his attention to the 3 states that he has a chance of winning and spend his resources there in order to send a message to the political establishment in this country.


According to our map, Clinton will win this election which appears to be happening anyway.  Trump has imploded and will not have a shot at all in winning this election.

However, Johnson has the ability to win the states that we have highlighted.  Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico are a real possibility for Libertarian ticket and it would send a big message to Washington that this country is ready for a change.

We have been stuck with two party’s for over a century and it is time to start the process of making a change into a reality.

Johnson is playing extremely well in these three states and has a high probability of pulling out a win when it comes to a three-person race.  All he needs is 34% in each one of those states to come out victorious and receive their Electoral Votes.

Many will try to argue that he is just giving this election to Clinton then, but those people fail to miss the big picture.  Clinton is going to win no matter what, but this strategy will prove effective to showcase to the old guard of the Republicans and Democrats that the American people will no longer be held hostage to their power grab.

Yes, we were optimistic a few months ago, but we have seen the power of the two parties take hold like they always do and force their typical agenda onto the American people. Johnson still has a chance to make waves and it will be good for this country.

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  1. This strategy is accepting failure and will lose a lot of votes. Sounds like the Libertarian Party is sacrificing Johnson for its own goals. Both the party and Johnson should push the lawsuit to be included in the debates. Even if the first debate is only Clinton and Trump, voters will be screaming for someone else. Don’t give up now, or all is lost.

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  2. So what about the rally in Des Moines on Saturday? Is he cancelling that. Your above post is really bad for his campaign, if he still has one.


  3. I am voting for him here in New Mexico, but he has no chance in his home state. Too liberal. New Mexico will fall for Hilary which is a shame.


  4. The only message Washington will receive from your strategy is that they need to lock down even further to prevent a third party from getting on the ballot at all. Go big or go home. Johnson/Weld can win and they need to go all out.


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