Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson — No Yeezy’s for Me

One of the unique features of Gary Johnson is his ability to rock the Nike sneakers that so many people see him wearing.  As a triathlete and someone that has climbed the highest mountains on all the continents, fitness is extremely important to the Libertarian candidate for President.

TMZ caught up with the former Governor of New Mexico and talked to him about his candidacy and his unique approach to fashion.

Gary Johnson is a down to earth guy and doesn’t hide the fact that he might appear to be a little awkward. Unlike the other two candidates running for President who stand high on their pretentiousness, Gary Johnson offers a real approach to a politician that the American people can get behind.

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  1. yea he really is a normal guy. I had a fairly long conversation with him a few years back and he is something of a standup comedian. But he can be super serious too.

    I think he wears running shoes for comfort due to losing a toe a while back.

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