Gary Johson on Fox News Sunday-Full Interview

This morning Governor Gary Johnson appeared on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace to discuss his run for the Presidency.

If you missed this interview here is the complete interview with Chris Wallace:

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  1. Gary Johnson is becoming more well known and liked more than Trump and Clinton every day. Soon, the wasted vote for the unknown candidate idea will be gone.

    Gary Johnson is much tougher than he lets on. Despite a paragliding accident 11 years ago that crushed his twelfth thoracic vertebra, broke ribs and knee (He is 1.5 inches shorter now.) he is an avid triathlete. He has climbed the Seven Summits: Mount Everest, Mount Elbrus, Denali, Mount Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua, Mount Vinson, and Carstensz Pyramid.

    He built the largest construction firm in New Mexico from scratch (Working handyman jobs.) by delivering what was promised on time and under budget.

    New Mexico was in debt when Johnson became governor. He left office with over a billion dollar surplus. They call him Governor No and Veto Johnson with good reason. He is not not paid for or owned, speaks the truth and loves our country! He vetoed 750 bills to keep the government from spending money on programs that show no improvement in our lives and stop criminalization of actions that do not warrant criminalization. He is a nice, kind and caring person. As Governor of New Mexico he set up an open door after four policy. Every third Thursday of the month, from four to ten, he saw anyone who had an ax to grind.

    Gary Johnson is a self-made millionaire and former two-term Republican governor. Gary Johnson was a honorable governor, is a honorable businessman and is more honorable than Clinton (an adaptive elitist narcissist) and Trump (who has swindled hundreds if not thousands of small business owners he contracted with).

    Gary Johnson is a honest candidate that will end the wars, balance the budget, secure the boarder without deportation or building a wall, reduce taxes and maintain the long-term solvency of Social Security and Medicare.

    “He has always believed life’s highest calling is doing good by others and that politics is a way of accomplishing that.” – heartland news better-education-does-make-all-the-difference

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  2. I’m voting for Johnson. I have issues with his immigration and free trade policy. I hope in the near future he will explain the information he uses to come to these beliefs. I’m willing to trust he knows something on these issues I don’t because I believe him to be an honest person . I think he will do his best to balance the budget, lower government spending and the National debt. I also agree on the idea of his foreign policy but I do want a more detailed explanation of how to accomplish this and the information he uses to come to these conclusions.

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