Gary Johnson Takes More Votes From Clinton, Not Trump

The age old argument concerning the Libertarian Party is that they are just a splinter of the Republican Party and will damage the ability of the Republican nominee to win an election.

We hear this argument played out today by people who are warped into the idea of a Trump Presidency. Many uneducated Republicans think that Gary Johnson will play spoiler for Trump and elect Hillary Clinton President.

However, the numbers show that this sentiment is not correct and actually Gary Johnson will pull more votes from Hillary Clinton than he will from Donald Trump.



8/28/2016 Real Clear Politics Averages for National Polls

Gary Johnson is his own man and does not fall into this ridiculous category as Republican spoiler. The Libertarian message is a cross-appeal message that translates across political aisles. Gary Johnson will take votes from both Democrats and Republicans in November and the country will be better off.


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  1. I always expected he would draw votes from both, which is why I can’t in good conscience vote for him this year. The Trump alt. rt. philosophy of exclusion must be repudiated by as wide a margin as possible, to make future candidates think twice about going there again.

    Still hope he qualifies for the debates, however.

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    • Invisible Mikey, the last paragraph states that Johnson is pulling from both parties!

      Which means he is even pulling at you to vote for him because as you stated you don’t like your parties candidate but you despise the other parties candidate more. How about you take a stand for the right candidate and advocate to everyone you know that feel the same way as you do, to do the same? What do you think would happen if everyone stopped “trying to belong” to a group and started voting for the best candidate instead of the lesser of two evils, especially because in this cycle the two evils are equally evil!

      Since 62% of Americans are unhappy with the two candidates, that is 62% of votes that Johnson could appeal to. That would wipe out both candidates! He wants to win outright, why not try to help him do that? Vote for him in the polls, advocate for him on your social accounts, advocate for him with your friends and family and help him get to the 15% so America can really see there are viable candidates that give a damn about our country and about us Americans….

      It really won’t hurt anything to try.


      • If you think “it won’t hurt anything to try”, then you aren’t old enough or don’t remember the election of 2000. The 99k Nader voters in Florida (swing state) saddled us all with W., whose mistakes we are still paying for. Without that well-intentioned, misguided vote it would never have been close enough to trigger the recount.

        That said, I also deeply disagree with both Johnson’s tax plan (flat taxes heavily favor the rich), and his intent to privatize-eliminate things like Medicare, which is solvent and runs better than most of government. I agree with 90% of the current Democratic platform, and maybe 60% of the Libertarian one, so even if I dislike the nominee, I’ll be voting Democrat to stop Trump.

        Regarding the Libertarian philosophy, as a general principle, I believe framing government as a “big vs small” argument misses the point, which should be instead “better vs worse” decision-making. Neither large nor small government are automatically better ways to solve problems. Such oversimplification doesn’t provide effective, nuanced solutions for complex problems in issue areas like energy, the environment, taxes, debt, trade and international relations.


      • I am unclear on why you would give up trying to make a difference just because it didn’t go well in 2000.

        I actually voted for Gore and was in Florida at the time of the election. And the recount was for the public opinion between Gore and Bush, Nader’s votes really had little to do with the turn of events because the people spoke, they wanted Gore, it was the electorate that cast the ballots for Bush, due largely to his brother throwing the election process in Florida by closing polls and blocking traffic so people couldn’t get to the polls in time and his family pulling in all the favors owed to them.

        As far as the flat tax how does this favor the rich? The rich buy more and they buy way more expensive toys. So a man that has a more then a few million lying around wants to buy a yacht for a couple million will have to pay a huge tax on that product. So no, you have been lied to, the flat tax does not favor the rich! Rich people spend more money and they buy things that are more expensive! Middle class buy more then the poor and they buy more expensive products too, which means the rich will pay the most and the middle class will be also be paying, and then the poor. The poor will get a rebate check every month reimbursing them for taxes paid over the phase out threshold. Then all the money gets budgeted to cover the federal expenditures, which will be less then what they are now because their will be cuts to the federal budget and hopefully it will get balanced. It is a long process and will take years to implement.

        And then there is the whole reason why Johnson states over and over again that he is not a dictator or a king and if he had a magic wand. He says this because he knows it is NOT 100% up to him to adopt this tax plan! He knows he has to get Congress on board, he has to be diplomatic. He wants Congress to come up with plans to solve our problems instead of the current presidential structure that really has been mirroring a dictatorship.

        As far as Medicare, well I have to deal with that on a daily basis do you? It is a mess! It has to be fixed! My mother shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket $13,000/year for her prescription drug plan before it kicks in to cover 100% of the cost! And her medical piece is a joke as well! I was really lucky and got her a Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO for an additional $380/mn to cover all medical expenses 100% because god-forbid she fall and break a hip or get cancer, we would be in the poorhouse for the medical treatment.

        I believe what Johnson is trying to get across to America is that the “handouts” have to stop because it is why we have a deficit. There is NO responsible spending when it comes to our federal government. Yes he lumps Medicare in with handouts, but I think what he is talking about is the Medicaid piece that is free for pregnant moms, etc. Unfortunately in the welfare system Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare are all under one umbrella, the welfare department! Medicaid needs to be under the umbrella of the Social Security office. The Welfare department needs to be under their own umbrella and governed by the State only. Medicaid for handicapped or disabled citizens should also be under the Social Security umbrella, it is presently under Welfare. People on Welfare should be working, Welfare is “supplemental income”. It is to supplement what you are not making but instead has become free money. The Welfare Department has a re-education or job placement and it should be mandated that if you want to be on Welfare then you need to utilize these programs. As it stands now, you need NO income to qualify, while there are people out there that need the money, those people need to be held accountable and they are not. Disability even has a program for jobs but the people who receive these handouts are not forced to partake in them. That is wrong! There is no accountability and as it stands now, this is why our poor are remaining poor, they do NOT have to work to get a check.

        Social Security is not going to be around if we don’t do something to reform it. Johnson has never said he wanted to cut funds or cut the program. He wants to reform it. Partially privatizing Social Security is not a bad thing. If you have a 401k your money is invested. Social Security is NOT invested, and it is being looted by the federal government, robbing Peter to pay Paul, which is why Social Security is a mess today. By partially privatizing Social Security it will have a chance to be invested and grow the funds so that the program will be there for everyone. Now, Johnson hasn’t said anything about how to do this, and again this is because it is not up to him alone! It is up to Congress to come up with a solution and if it is a good solution, a solution that will work for the people, then Johnson will pass off on it.

        Big vs. Small government…. Well, when you look at business, big businesses, ones that have their hands in a lot of different buckets, they have smaller corporations under their umbrella that handle the industry of that bucket. All the different corporations answer to the biggest one, the parent company. Our government was set up that same way. Each state government answers to the federal government. However, over time the federal government has been taking away the rights of the states to govern as they see fit. They have been walking all over the US Constitution by doing so. It is a checks and balances game and the federal government is the supreme government of our country. If the federal government continues to grow in this way, there will be no checks and balances, no one is above the federal government to hold those in power in check. That is why the constitution was written. So I personally believe that smaller government is in fact better over all. Also by giving the states the constitutional right to govern their people as they see fit, creates 50 think machines, as Johnson puts it. He means 50 groups of people to try to solve problems and when they make mistakes the other 49 groups learn from it. That is 50 groups of creativity and problem solving machines. What works can be shared and what doesn’t gets trashed.

        Clinton and Trump are the same candidates. If you look at Clintons work on paper it matches Trumps mouth. They are one and the same. Voting for either of them will get you the same of what we have had in the past. Nothing is going to change except the middle class is going to get hit with even larger tax hikes to pay for all the hand outs this time around.

        As far as the environment is concerned, this NOT the first time this planet has gone through “global warming”/climate changes. We are not making it any better but this is the universe taking care of itself. We can help out by regulating pollution but there is NO fix for it!

        Trade: Well I know Johnson is going to bring FREE trade to us. I do not believe Clinton or Trump will do that. Clinton is just another Obama and Trump wants to set tariffs. Free trade is the only way for us to boost our economy and create jobs. Obama and Clinton want to give us work through “road projects”. Seriously! That is what they come up with? Road Projects! That only accounts for a certain industry and a certain amount of people who are Union workers! Free trade allows new businesses to open, it allows companies to grow. Road Projects… please…. we really have had enough of them.

        Energy: Is there really any way to change over to green energy without bankrupting the country? NO! So we open up free trade, we started deregulating the banking industry so that start ups can open and research can be done to find us a way to help with our shortage of energy in this country. We do rely to heavily on oil from outside foreign countries, but our environmental activists don’t want us drilling or fracking in our own country. We do need to address these issues and come to some sort of compromise, definitely. This is another one for Congress to come together on.

        These are the duties of our congress! Congress hasn’t gotten anything done because each side, Republicans and Democrats, hate each other more then anything else and they have lost sight of why they were elected to office.

        Do you think Clinton is going to get anything done through Congress? I don’t. I believe Clinton will continue to erode our constitutional rights and use presidential powers in the same way as Bush and Obama with pushing through their own agendas with a total disregard for what we the people want and further polarizing Congress and us Americans.


  2. We will essentially know the outcome by Sept 15. If Gary Johnson does not make the debate stage, than this campaign is effectively over. You cannot compete if you can be on the field and as Gary has even stated, if he isn’t on that stage, they have no shot at winning.


  3. You have to vote your moral conscience otherwise you have none. Given your vote to those that persuade you to vote for their candidate who does not represent you or your thinking. This thinking that my vote does not count or is a spoiler vote is flawed and anyone who abandons their moral compass has no morals and we will continue to get the same old and tired two party bickering system that generates division hate and anger. You know the old I’m right your wrong. Not only wrong, but bad and wrong. This country needs a third party not everyone wants chocolate or vanilla some want strawberry but you cannot get strawberry because the person behind the counter wont sell it to you, they are pushing chocolate or vanilla any other flavor is a wast of your time, trust me I work here and I know!


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