Gary Johnson Polling in Double Digits in 8 States; On The Verge of Breaking Double Digits in Many More


The Presidential election of 2016 is less than 75 days away from happening and still there is a ton of turmoil across the board when it comes to polls. It appears that Hillary Clinton is on her way to a huge victory based on Electoral projections. However, the media ignores the fact that there is a third candidate that is playing quite well across this country and has the ability to possibly tip this election on its head.

Governor Gary Johnson, the former Governor of New Mexico and Libertarian candidate, is already polling in double digits in key states across this country and has the potential to really change the political nature of the United States.

According to the most recent polls conducted in the following states this is where Governor Johnson currently sits:





New Mexico-14%




The fact that is third party candidate is playing so well in these key states shows a lot about the displeasure the American people have with the current political system. Governor Johnson is also on the verge of breaking the double digit mark in a host of other states. Roughly 10 other states have him around 7-9%. As people learn more about him and his policies they are discovering something they have never seen before in American politics; a sane politician.

The Libertarian movement is now becoming a mainstream idea and it’s opening people’s eyes to a new brand of thinking that they can actually get behind.

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  1. And these are only the states with polling. He’s probably doing double-digits in other states too, like WY, MT, ND, NH. I actually thought I saw him in double-digits in NH. And recently, he was in double-digits in NC, too.


  2. All great news. That said if we can’t make the debates the campaign will die. If Gary isn’t on that stage for any of those debates notably the first one, the stark contrast alone between the seemingly sane Clinton who at least appears logical, competent and has a reasonable temperament against the buffoonery of Trump will be enough to see her poll numbers rise against Trump. If Gary can’t be there to show that he has the qualification to be President, this will become a lost cause. Gary has said it himself, if they can get on the stage, its over.


  3. Gary Johnson and his VP Bill Weld because they are Frauds 4 the Clintons !!!!!!!!

    You can’t be in the same year critical of Trump and Clinton but be saying you don’t see anything wrong with Hillarys emails and Pay-2-Play issues and all that , so Gary Johnson and his VP Bill Weld are in this for Hillary and Bill Clinton don’t be played for FOOLS and someone needs to call them out on this !!!!!!!!! Here are some Links to verify this ,

    If we learned anything out of Ross Perot it was this ,

    Gary Johnson Bill Weld can help Hillary Clinton win 7 states !!!!


  4. The information concerning the connection between Bill and Hilary Clinton, their foundation, and political favors at the State Department is staggering. I am in MT and people here are seriously angry. However, the media in Democratic states on the West coast is not even mentioning this.

    Hillary is a crook. Most of the country doesn’t care. This should be identified as similar to Gilded Age corruption, or like Teapot Dome. But we no longer have an independent press. Hillary will continue with the bloated military and will not touch entitlements. More huge deficits for millennials to pay.

    Trump is scary. I cannot imagine him with his finger on the button. He is playing to the worst sentiments in our country.

    I don’t care if Gary doesn’t have a chance. He might next time. Support him now and help win some states. Hillary will be out in four years and the people may get tired of this absurdity– the political class doing what works to stay in power.


  5. Gary has a chance at winning IF he can get on the debates. That’s why telling the polester’s you will vote for him even if you aren’t SURE is important! Our country deserves to hear from third party candidates, especially viable ones! I think the arbitrary ruling of 15% is outrageous. 10% is good enough for the Secret Service, it should be good enough to get a person on the debate stage! PLEASE consider saying Johnson is your candidate even if you aren’t sure! America needs to hear his voice!

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