New Poll out of New Mexico Has Gary Johnson at 16%


New Mexico becomes the second state after Colorado to show Governor Johnson polling at a high of 16%.

A poll commissioned by NM Political Report and conducted by Public Policy Polling finds Hillary Clinton leading in a four-way race for president with 40 percent support among New Mexico registered voters. Republican candidate Donald Trump trails Clinton with 31 percent of support while Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson gets 16 percent and Green Party candidate Jill Stein 4 percent.

New Mexico is Governor Johnson’s home state and where he was Governor but this shows the dissatisfaction that people have with the major parties. In 2012 he only received 4% of the vote which was his largest vote across any state.

There is something happening here and it is big. Many will still try to downplay this news as nothing, but the fact that a third party candidate is polling this high in the height of the general election shows that the American people are looking for a change.

Colorado and New Mexico are just the beginning. Watch out America!

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