Overstock CEO: Gary Johnson is the Only Choice for President

CEO of Overstock is the latest big player in this country to throw their support behind the Libertarian candidate for President Gary Johnson.

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  1. Frankly speaking, this is the most VIABLE PATHWAY to the Presidency for the Gary Johnson/William Weld Campaign. The chances of the Johnson/Weld ticket winning the popular vote and/or the Electoral Vote OUTRIGHT in 2016 is a DELUSIONAL FANTASY.
    With that concept in mind, this INSURGENT CAMPAIGN desperately needs a SURGE. It first has to get in the debates and then win several OUTLIER STATES to throw the election into the House of Representatives, as outlined in the statements by Patrick Byrne.

    This country needs, wants, and is BEGGING for TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE, both from the left and right political spectrum. A moniker of

    FOR U.S.-A.LL

    with the corresponding principles behind this phrase could be the starting point for a RENAISSANCE of TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE. The principles behind the above moniker have transformed an entire nation and numerous companies and corporations throughout the world. I pray that Gary Johnson can have the INTELLECTUAL CURIOSITY to allow this new concept for politics to be contemplated in the near future. I truly believe that this new moniker could be the CATALYST to produce his entry point into the Presidential Debates and then hopefully fulfill the scenario so PROFOUNDLY
    ARTICULATED by Patrick Byrne.


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