Gary Johnson Winning Among Independents Nationally at 34%


According to the Independent Voter Project, there is a clear winner among independents nationally for the November election.

Receiving nearly 32,000 responses, the IVN survey posed three questions to respondents: 1. If the election were held today, which presidential candidate would you vote for? 2. Of the listed candidates (4-way race), who would you approve of being the next president? 3. Which political party, if any, best represents your views?


In the first question, which incorporates the choose-one, plurality voting method used in U.S. elections, Gary Johnson leads among the IVN audience with 35% of responses. Jill Stein came in second with 31%. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton polled at 13% and 9%, respectively, while a notable 12% wrote in an unlisted candidate.

It is clear from this new poll that the American people are looking for an alternative to the crazy that they have to chose from among the major party candidates.

You will not see this poll mentioned anywhere on the major news networks because it puts a hole in their delusional idea that people are coming to grips with Trump and Clinton as their choices this November.

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  1. “The poll is not a proportional sampling of voters in the United States.” — From the article this links to.

    Then it’s useful how, exactly? It’s about as scientifically meaningful as an Internet poll.


    • Its not proportional because not all voters are independent. However, winning he general is all about winning over the independent voters, considering now they are 50% of the voting populous.


    • There is no poll that is a proportional sampling. The national polls have less than 2k participants. That’s a fraction of a fraction of a % of Americans.


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