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More Than Half of Republicans Now Support Marijuana Legalization


One of the biggest tenets of the Libertarian platform is the legalization of drugs, and specifically the legalization of marijuana.  Republicans for years have chastised Libertarians as a bunch of pot smokers, but it now appears they are coming on board the legalization train according to a new poll.

YouGov reports:

Marijuana is already fully legal for recreational use in four states: Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington. Though marijuana remains strictly prohibited according to the letter of federal law, the federal government has effectively let states determine their own policies. A number of other states, including California, are considering initiatives to legalize marijuana this year.

YouGov’s latest research shows that most Americans still support legalization of marijuana, and that support for legalization has increased slightly, from 52% in December 2015 to 55% today. Most of this change is a result of changing attitudes among Republicans. In fact, for the first time, Republicans narrowly tend to support legalization, 45% to 42%.


For these Republicans that have seen the light on this issue, I introduce you to the only Presidential candidate that cares about this issue and has called for the legalization of marijuana, Gary Johnson.

Check him out at

This is an issue of freedom and freedom alone. More people have died from Pokemon Go then they have from marijuana.

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