Bernie Supporters Furious at DNC Leaks, Vow #NeverHillary, Consider Third Party Vote

As the Democratic National Convention starts today, there is a lot of angst among Bernie Sanders supporters following the DNC email leak.  As they go into this convention with their hands tied behind their backs, many in the movement are considering a vote for a third party candidate.  Obviously, there would be more love for Jill Stien among the Sanders supporters.  However, there seems to be a lot of support for Gary Johnson and the Libertarian ticket this November among people who generally wouldn’t be Libertarian thinkers.

Many in the Libertarian movement think that courting Sanders supporters is a bad idea, but we hold a different tone on this issue.  It is good for the country to have a cross appeal like the LP and Gary Johnson have with voters and that is exactly what we are looking for right now; votes.

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