Gary Johnson at 26% in Utah 4th Congressional District: Internal Poll for Rep. Mia Love


It has been known for some time that Donald Trump is struggling in the state of Utah.  According to the Salt Lake Tribune that struggle is starting to get very real.

Cleveland • On the convention floor, Utah Republican Party Chairman James Evans took the microphone and proclaimed that not only would the party’s nominee, Donald Trump, win the Beehive State in November, but he would get his largest margin of victory in the nation there.

It was a bold prediction that surprised even some delegates standing around him. Recent polls have vacillated between a tie and a small Trump lead. An internal poll conducted for Rep. Mia Love two weeks ago found Trump at 29 percent, Clinton at 27 percent and Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson at 26 percent.

For awhile now, it has been apparent that Gary Johnson would play well in the state of Utah.  A poll from last month had the Governor polling at 16% statewide, and now it would seem that his support is growing among citizens of the Beehive State.

Gary Johnson is making a splash among many voters across this country as his name recognition goes up and voters begin to learn of his sensible policy positions for the country.

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  1. All good news, but, they need to make the rounds. They need to be hitting the swing states like Ohio and PA. They need to come out to the Ohio State Fair and so forth and introduce themselves to people. They need to be spending money on advertising. I talk to people all the time who might be open minded but know little about Johson.

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