Rumors Flying High of Jeb Bush Endorsing Gary Johnson for President


The rumor mills are swarming the Twittersphere of Jeb Bush possibly endorsing Gary Johnson’s bid for the Presidency. In recent weeks we have heard of both Mitt Romney, the former Republican candidate for President, and Jeb Bush feeling out the possibility of jumping on the Gary Johnson bandwagon.



While this endorsement might cause some turmoil among the hardcore Libertarians across the country, there is no doubt that this would have a major impact on the Presidential race.

Governor Johnson is on the verge of qualifying for the Presidential debates, and with a Bush endorsement he would be almost certain to pass the 15% threshold to qualify. This would be a game changer for his campaign and the state of the election.

Johnson did hint the other day of an endorsement coming from Jeb Bush, and it is apparent that Bush will not be voting for Trump.

Obviously, these are only rumors right now and there hasn’t been any official endorsement from Governor Bush, but it is sure nice to speculate!

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  1. I dont see why any Libertarian should be dismayed by Bush or any other Republican endorsing the candidate. The Libertarian party and its candidate cannot be advanced without the influence of high profile individuals. By endorsing Johnson, someone like Bush is saying he is qualified to be President and represents some of his personal ideals and beliefs. No candidate is every going to be the perfect “party candidate”, if that makes sense.

    The only ones served by refuting an endorsement from someone such as Bush are the other two major parties. The more focus cast on the Libertarian party and its candidate the more likely it is that voters will take notice.

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